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My own wishlist!

I've used this on Android for a few days, and had some thoughts!

Optional shoes (think boots for winter outfits, colored flipflops with summer, clearly he needs a pair of bunny slippers. ;) ) - some of these don't have to actually change how he feels, they're just extras to customize the rabbit for you. A hat would also be like this. Granted, mismatched accessories and outfits probably will make the rabbit unhappy!

More unique/goofy things for the rabbit to do while standing around (more animations). Hm. Who knows, hopping, interacting with the severe weather bird...think like 'If the weather isn't being interesting, the 'average weather and what the rabbit does' sure wants to be!'

A 'Purchased' dropdown in the wardrobe, in addition to Featured/winter/spring/summer/fall, with the season those things are appropriate for inside the menu choice (makes it easy to quickly see what you already bought!)

'Preview' outfits you can't actually buy yet, to encourage you to buy them later (because you can see them at a higher resolution and more clearly). In other words, let the rabbit wear them, but don't let him outside with them.

Weather appropriate stuff to make the bunny happy (example: could make the rabbit happy in the rain just as an umbrella can. Besides, chance to puddle jump.)

Faster load times. Can you possibly keep the app running in the background doing nothing, so it doesn't take 20+ seconds to get back to 'checking the weather', without burning up the battery?

A small widget you can put on your phone's desktop to remind you it's time to check the weather (and the rabbit) again - or maybe a notification like you get in the top menu bar for email, etc.

EDIT: (Oh. And in-app purchases so you can be given more money. Cause it says it's not ready yet. :D )

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Hi S.B.

Thanks for your suggestions and feedback!  We're happy to say that there's a lot of overlap between your suggestions and our plans for the app. We're continuing to work on updating Weather Rabbit with fun, new content and hope you'll stay tuned for what's to come :)

We're also working on getting to the bottom of your in-app purchase woes and hope to get that fixed in the very, very near future.


Love it that many of S.B.'s wishes have made it into the program. I've enjoyed using Weather Rabbit and dressing my bunny. Indeed I have bought lots of goodies for him in the last two days since I discovered him. I especially love your holiday outfits and your two suits that are Oh-So "The Doctor." My bunny is currently doing his best impression of David Tennant's Doctor. ;) Question: I keep all of my apps regularly backed up including this one. I anticipate getting a new GS4 about a month from now. I will obviously restore all my apps to my new phone. Will bunny's clothing purchases follow me to the new phone via the update? I certainly don't want to go back to square one, and indeed I have spent $13 in the last two days. ;) Thanks for this fun and awesome app! Lora

Hi Lora,

Many thanks for writing in, and for your kind words!  We're really happy to see you're enjoying Weather Rabbit, and your positive feedback makes it all worthwhile :)

Regarding your question about migrating your Weather Rabbit purchases on to your new phone: currently there is unfortunately no way of migrating your Weather Rabbit from one phone to another.  We're aware that this is an issue for many people and are working to solve it.  Will hopefully have some good news for you some time in the near future!


Alan... Thanks for your reply. Since writing, I have spent $33 in coins so my grandson could see/use all the outfits. Since they were all in-app purchases through google play store, I am assuming you can verify those purchases and credit my newly installed rabbit in my new phone for these coins, right? We don't mind re-selecting the outfits etc. But obviously we don't want to spend another $33+.

Hi Lora,

Thanks for supporting Weather Rabbit with your purchases!  What you're asking if completely reasonable but we currently have no way to credit your Weather Rabbit with coins after you install on your new device.

What we can do is have you go ahead and re-purchase those outfits and then we can work on refunding you the purchase amount back.  We'd ask that you send in the details of the purchases you make on the new device so we can make sure we're tracking it correctly.  You should send an email to with the information so that your Google Play information is not publicly displayed on this forum.

Hope this helps!


I really enjoyed reading this thread and witnessing the willingness to find a solution for @Lora_Ruffner. It makes my Weather Rabbit that much more adorable.

Back on topic for this thread's title "Wish List"...

I'd like to have the option to add a limited number of items to the Wish List category. Perhaps a button next to "Okay" when viewing the items that adds or removes from the list. Anything on the list could have an icon similar to the "New" ribbon. 

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