Please DO NOT Delete a previously working Weather Rabbit app

If you are having trouble with a new installation of Weather Rabbit, the delete and re-download and reinstall method is a good approach to try to fix your problem, especially if you reboot your device first.  Sometimes a new purchase just does not download and install correctly.

If you are having problems with an established Weather Rabbit, which used to work, but has stopped, please do not delete and reinstall the app as part of your initial troubleshooting.  Contact us by submitting a support ticket.  If you delete the app, you will lose your coins and your purchased clothing.  We'd like a chance to try to help you solve the problem before that happens.

Weather Rabbit is working correctly, without crashing, on our myriad of test devices.  Without informational reports from you to collect additional data about devices and versions, it greatly lessens our chances of finding and solving your Weather Rabbit problems.

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