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temperature not accurate

I noticed that the app temperature is different then the temperature listed on my other weather apps. As in it said it's 108 today but it wasn't really that high. just thought I would let you know. it varies up to 10 degrees. also I figure it has something to do with location since if I go to the weather underground site there are a ton of weather stations really close to me. Galaxy S3 4.1.2
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All weather data comes from Wunderground, so that will be the temperature that it is reporting.  You could try setting your location manually in order to try to choose a preferred weather station, although if there are a lot in a very small area, I'm not sure you'll have than fine of a control. Wunderground automatically selects the station it believes is the most accurate reflection of the area, and there is a lot of variation of actually temperatures within a fairly small area.

When looking at the Wunderground website, if a station is reporting values that are extremely out-of range, please use the "Report" option next to the station listing right under "Weather at a Glance" on your local weather page. 

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