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HELP! I can't get on the Weather Rabbit app

 It says please update the latest version on Itunes. I never got the latest update and I had this app for 2 months. I even deleted it and reinstalled it. Please update it. This is my favorite weather app. I can't get onto the app tonight.

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I'm dealing with the same thing. I tried to get into the app, but it wouldn't let me until I updated it. I looked for an update on the Amazon app store and there wasn't one. Is there something I'm missing?

There was a bug today with the stores giving the update requirement even to devices that were running the current version of the app.  We believe this problem is now fixed.  Please let us know if you are still experiencing this problem.

The current version is 1.4.5

Great, I can get back onto the app. Thanks for the quick reponse/

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