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He's always too cold: need warmer clothes!

The winter clothes don't keep him warm enough, even when it's above freezing! Can there be warmer clothes or an option to go inside and look out the weather window?

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Same problem here. What's the point of PJ's if he's going to go outdoors and freeze?? And if I leave him inside to stay warmer, next time I start the app, he's outside, too cold. I have put him in the warmest clothes I could find (including boots and mittens and hat), and he's still cold.


Thanks for your feedback.  I'll pass the info on to the producer to think about.  I have the opposite problem myself, usually, as I live somewhere that my rabbit is too hot much of the year.  He isn't absolutely miserable as long as I have him dressed in summer clothes, he'd be a mess in winter clothes, but he isn't absolutely happy and cheerful either.  He's still clearly too warm.  I'm too warm too though, and while I can make myself more miserable wearing the wrong things, nothing I wear can make people completely cool and comfortable either.  I guess I always thought that my rabbit kind of felt like I do about the weather.

But I'd sure like to be able to give my rabbit a popsicle or something.  :)

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