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I enjoy this app, but there are some things that I believe need to be addressed with it. To begin with, the clothes that are advertised to buy for the rabbit always look MUCH nicer prior to purchase. The colors on the actual outfits while the rabbit is wearing them always looked like a faded, crummy version. Example: the 'Nightshade' outfit. A stunning blue shirt and a pair of dark brown pants. After purchase, the blue looks like a crummy navy blue, nothing like what was advertised to buy. Same with the shirt called 'Mist'. A lovely shade of lilac on the display, looks like a dull washrag when he is wearing it. And the prices for so many of the clothes are insane!! Yes, I know the coins are provided (thank you) but, still. 

Then there is the issue of winter clothing. It isn't even winter yet and the available winter wear is nowhere near warm enough to keep the bunny comfortable. He is always cold, no matter how he is dressed on days that are only marginally cold. It's hard to watch! And you can't layer the clothes, which is what anyone would do. If you can't give him the right attire for being outside in the weather, then make him a little house with a fireplace to sit by and stay warm. Expand on the place he gets dressed in... it seems to be a cozy environment! Give him some cocoa! 

Also, he doesn't have near enough night clothing to choose from. Three 'warm' robes, two of which have only the very subtle difference of pink or red, and neither of them is warm enough to withstand a Pennsylvania autumn night, let alone a winter night!! This renders them useless! Get him some warmer jammies!! Our blizzards would turn him to stone!

For the days, he needs gloves, hats, fleece lined boots, scarves, THERMALS... seriously... he'll never survive a snowy night with what you have provided. Maybe all you need to do is adjust the temperature at which the outfits fail... it could be something that simple...

You folks have a great idea here... but it honestly looks as if you dropped the ball about half way through. Example: he should be able to go IN the water on hot days. He should have a campfire or something for cold nights... and a shelter that we can SEE and USE. Maybe we could put him to bed under a toasty comforter...

Also, the trees should be more a part of the weather/seasons/fall color and should look more like trees and bushes than blobs of square swirls. Even the rabbit's head is too square to look like a rabbit and seriously detracts from the 'cuteness' factor. You also need to update the things he does... the possibilities are endless. I for one am sick to death of the 'gangnam' junk, and you have the rabbit doing it, ad nauseum. There are SO many other things he could get involved in... instead of cycling the same 6 moves over and over.

It's bad enough as adults to not be able to keep him comfortable...and WE know he isn't real and can't actually feel. And let's face it, the whole point of dressing him is to keep it interesting for the user and keep him comfortable. But kids that are learning about the weather from this app actually get upset over the things I have mentioned. They can't go to bed and sleep knowing they are responsible for the rabbit freezing to death... etc...I have a hard enough time with it myself, and it's a virtual rabbit...

One last thought.... please add a moon phase to the display! 

Please try to resolve the issues I have mentioned. 

PS.Absolutely NONE of my comments are meant to be rude. I am just passionate about this.. : ) 

Thank you. 

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I decided to let the rabbit stay in his changing room on cold nights, because to date, no one has addressed the "warm clothing" failure. If you decide to to this however, be prepared to forego the earning of coins... it's like the most expensive hotel on the planet. One night cost the bunny well over 250 coins... I guess the developers just want him out all night long freezing his tuckus off. NOT right. 

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