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Freezing animations

I noticed if I power off while the app is open, when I come back, all the animations are stuck. The sound works, if I hit the bank I hear it open, etc, but I can't see it. Only fix is force closing the app from the task bar.


latest version of Weather Rabbit, v1.0 #3
iPad 3, Retina
iOS 6.0.1

Does not happen on 
iPhone 4S
iOS 5.1.1
using same WR version

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  We're aware of the issue and are hard at work on a fix!

In the meantime, you can avoid the problem by switching to landscape orientation (instead of portrait) and using the Home button to minimize the app, instead of letting it go to sleep automatically.  We know this is a band-aid solution, but hopefully it will tide you over until we can put out a fix.
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