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Will there be an account login or will Weather Rabbit be tied to something to remember things like your coins and clothes purchased? For cases like having to reinstall, as it is now you lose everything.

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Once it is out of Beta, you should install any updates without removing the old version first. It will remove it during the process but maintain your previous information.  During Beta we needed completely fresh installs to best isolate issues.

However, this carryover of information will be device specific.  We'll keep the idea of accounts that allow you to maintain such information over a few devices as a possible future feature.
Upgrades saving information I'd expect, but a new install wouldn't keep it. Say for a new phone, or have to restore a phone. I did have to delete and install the app the other morning, because it lost my location data. Location services were on, but it only showed "Local" and wouldn't find me again. That's how that question popped into my mind, I didn't care about losing the coins in beta.

I've moved from one phone device to another, at version 1.2.3. I had bought an extra coin package, so as the person above says, when I went to the new phone, it seems I've lost progress and the coins as well. Is there any way around right now?

( This is no longer a beta related question, because the app is in production now. )


Having account logins is definitely something we're planning on as we know how frustrating it can be to change devices and lose all of your coin and clothing purchases.


How are things developing for account sign-in features?

Bump. There's a good chance I'm going to need to wipe my phone for a different reason entirely, and doing so will mean losing everything I've got so far.

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